Development Funding for

The Challenge

To go to market, and at a minimum, your idea requires:

A Viable Product [MVP]

We help you get your MVP out without spending huge amount of money that your business can use in other areas such as increasing customer base and securing more investments.

A Technical Partner

We provide you with an Interim CTO and Technical partnership. This gives you the guidance you need to navigate the rough technological landscape of business.


Nothing beats having Real Customers. Since we handle all your techical needs, you have more money and time to focus on what matters most: Customers.

Other Benefits

A quick head start against competing ideas
Quick product test against failure
Evolving of your MVP for market fit
Long term relationship
Deep utilization of analytics
Opportunity to drive Product towards success
having a tangible product to show Investors
investors will have it easier and faster in deciding on your Product.
assistance in the recruitment of Tech team


DevFund is a technical funding partner and on-demand interim CTO service provider.
  • We produce your MVP and technology solutions for you
  • we provide you with an interim on-demand CTO and technical partnership
  • We help you evolve your product for market fit.
No. We fund ideas by satisfying your technical need.
We become your technical partner. Therefore, we take stakes in your company (7 – 10%) depending on the level of risk involved.
To ensure better commitment from innovators and ensure their skin is in the game beyond idea generation, we absorb a maximum of 75% of the technical cost. The 25% of the developmental cost is paid by the business owner / innovator.
If we accept your project, then we are able to expose your business ro pool of investors. It shortens your vetting process since we have pre screened you.
No. DevFund receives several project submission daily. We therefore screen each based on viability, market research and fit, originality, business model innovation and strategy among other things. It is required that you send in your business documents when submitting your project (with a pitch deck at a minimum. Click here to download a template)
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Specifics we bring


We provide Rapid Prototyping with a well defined agile process, with quick sprints and good delivery


Deep understanding of analytics and how to use them to drive customer discovery and customer validation.


Advice and support in the selection and recruitment of your technoloy team.


Documentation, tests and architechtural advice for your technological team to build on once they are up and running.


We would also be long term advisors to your company, thus fostering a good relationship.